The purpose of the Rainy River Cattlemen's Association: (as stated in the constitution)

A) to promote and improve the breeding and marketing of cattle.

B)  to conduct such other business relative to cattle and other livestock as my be beneficial to the          membership of the Association.


   Board of Directors:

    President:  Murray McDonald

Past Presidnet:  Louis Bujold

Vice-President:  Jeff Pollard    

   Secretary: Kim-Jo Bliss

Rey Chartier

Tim Petermann

Delton Martin

Pam Wilson

Jeff Teeple

Jamie Beal

Herb Govier

Neil Haw

Brent Miller

Sales Barn Manager:  James Gibson

BFO Advisory Councillor:  Kim Jo Bliss / James Gibson

   The Board of Directors shall consist of all elected directors as follows:

Three directors from each Zone A, B, C. 

Two directors from Zone D. 

Five directors will be elected on odd numbered years and six directors will be elected on even number years. 

Each director will be elected for a 2-year term.  Upon commencement of appointment a director shall be provided a copy of this constitution. (2005) 

Zone A:  Townships of Miscampbell, Crozier, Roddick, Town of Fort Frances, Dance, Burriss, Devlin, Woodyatt. 

Zone B:  Townships of Dobie, Kingsford, Carpenter, Lash, Aylsworth, Mather, Potts, Shenston, Tait, Richardson, Roseberry, Barwick. 

Zone C:  Townships of Morley, Pattullo, Sifton, Dewart, Dilke, Nelles, Sutherland, Tovell, and Morson. 

Zone D:  Townships of Blue, Pratt, McCrosson, Atwood, Wildland Reserve, Spohn and Worthington.

 RRCA proudly support the Rainy River District 4-H Association.

We also proudly supported the Riverside Foundation Annual Dinner the fall of 2014.


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