The Rainy River Cattlemen’s Association (RRCA) is an Ontario Corporation, #000106518, without   share capital, operating in the District of Rainy River.  It was incorporated May 10, 1960 to promote and encourage the breeding and raising of cattle, to conduct the sale of cattle, establish a sales center and conduct such other business relative to cattle and other animals as may be beneficial to the business of the members of the Association.  Members of the association are determined by payment of annual dues.   A Board of Directors is elected from the membership and governs the operation.

The original Board of Directors was composed of the following 15 community members:

Don B. Cupp                          Wallace Nelson Hughes                Allan Archibald Reid

Donald Smith                          Daniel Rankin Clarke                    Benjamin Arthur Robinson

Frank Advent                          William Bidwell Lowe                    Hess Lockhart Anderson

Elder Jack                              Carman Isaiah Haw                        John Frederick Trenchard

Einar Gustav Larson               Clifford Douglas Crawford             Clarence Howell Engebreteen


RRCA is a member of Beef Farmer's of Ontario and Canadian Cattlemens Associations.

RRCA serves to promote economic agricultural operations through marketing opportunities and education.  It provides occasional employment for a number of individuals through the operation of a community livestock sales yard located in Stratton, Ontario.   Livestock sales are held four to five days annually for this purpose.   

The Rainy River District is the largest agricultural region in Northwestern Ontario, primarily consisting of beef farms.  The area has a cattle herd of approximately 20,000 head.  Approximately 200 producers contribute to this industry.  The majority of beef cattle raised in the district are sold out of the region as yearlings and calves.  Opportunity also exists for producers to market beef through the local abattoir, established in 2010.



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