Stratton Sales Barn

2023 Sale Dates:

April 29th
September 9th
September 30th
October 21st
November 4th


All Cattle Sales are broadcast with the DLMS Network!  Login to DLMS to view!  If you want to purchase this way you will need to call the office to set up an account with us - Office # is 807-483-5354

Rainy River Cattlemen’s Association

Stratton Sales Barn - FEES

RRCA Membership:  $25.00 /farm / year

Commission:  $18.00 / head

NEW Bred Cow & Cow/Calf Pair Commission:  $25.00 / head

Internet Fee:  $1.00 / head

BFO Check Off: $5.50 / head

OSMA (Sheep) Check Off:  $1.80 / sheep

Financial Protection:  $.10 / head*

Hartford Insurance:  $1.75 / head

(Bred Cow):  $2.50 /head

(Cow/Calf Pair):   $2.75 / pair

(Horse):    $1.25 / horse

(Sheep):    $.40 / sheep

Feed & Water (Seller):  $3.00 / head / day

Feed & Water (Buyer):  $3.00/ head / day BEGINNING AT MIDNIGHT THE NIGHT OF THE SALE

Straw:  $6.00 / bale

Buy-Back Fee:  $10.00 / head

CCIA Tag:  $5.00 / tag

Tagging Fee:  $5.00 / head (if Sales Barn Staff is used)

NEW Tagging Fee for Bulls:  $25.00 / head

Chute Fee:  $3.00 / head (for use of chute for tagging, processing etc.)

Scale Fee:  $5.00 / head

Facility Fee:  $2.00 / head (Minimum) + Manager’s Time Fee (at Manager’s discretion)

Preg. Checking:  Cost recovery + Chute Fee

If we have a bred cow feature at any given Sale Date, they will be required to be preg. checked at the Sales Barn!

Buyers are responsible for their own outgoing insurance!

Cattle delivery prior to a sale will commence at 7:30 a.m. Thursday & Friday.

 Please contact Office Staff & Sales Barn Manager for any questions or concerns.

*Financial Protection is under review and is subject to change in the future.




 New Service!

The Rainy River Cattlemen's is pleased to partner with Aaron Bujold at Emo Feed for all your tag orders.  You can choose from Blue, Green, White, Yellow, Red, Purple, Orange and Pink.  All tags come with our RAINY RIVER RAISED logo and the last 9 digits of your RFID # across the top of the tag.  ( if you desire.)  Other printing options are available - I.E. Management tag #'s, year letter, farm name or leave them blank for your own personalization. If you would like to order OR require more information please get in touch with Aaron - 807-482-2017  807-271-0537 or


Please NOTE these tags are not a requirement just a service we are providing and a promotional tool for our great RAINY RIVER RAISED CATTLE.


 Tag Placement

Of course we see a lot of tags at the Stratton Sales Barn.  We would like to point out how important it is for correct tag placement.  This not only helps with tag retention but also for tag reading when the cattle go through the scanners.  Please keep this diagram in mind when your are tagging!

Rainy River Cattlemen's Association is pleased to offer some unique promotional items:
If you are interested in any of these items -- please get in touch with Kim Jo Bliss  807-482-2863  807-275-9706

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